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Tatweer Employee Handbook Components

The manual includes all guidelines and policies that regulate the employment lifecycle for an employee at the organization including the following chapters:

Company introduction

This chapter will be describing some facts about the company success stories along with some figures that forms the organization supported by Mission, vision, value, and CEO messages to all employees.

Code of Conduct

The chapter includes the obligations of employees towards the organization assets, clients, and ethics along with hygiene, customer service, attendance, and work behaviours standards.

Recruitment and selection

The chapter describes the process of recruitment and selection at the organization, its standards and regulations that organize the recruitment, interviews, selection, and orientation program.

Compensation and benefits

The chapter includes regulations and policies about the salary, loans, benefits, overtime, and bonus associated with performance along with promotions and salary increase regulation.

Performance management

The chapter regulates the performance appraisals cycles conducted at the organization, threshold performance score, consequences resulting from the appraisals and employee of the month program.

Learning and development

The chapter covers the policies, initiatives and regulations associated with employees learning and development and its implementation scope and rules.

Health and Safety

The chapter covers policies and regulations related to employee health and safety including both physical and mental health.


The chapter covers the regulation of the separation between the organization and the employee voluntarily or involuntary with the related policies to manage it.

Violations and Disciplinary actions

The chapter includes the list of violations that might occur at the workplace and the disciplinary actions associated with each violation in terms of fines, termination, and its implementation rules.


The chapter regulates the process of employee complaints, appeals, and investigations committees.


At Tatweer we deliver two versions for the employee handbook, the short version which includes up to 10 pages and the long version that has more details including approximately 75 pages.

At Tatweer we deliver the employee handbook in 30 working days.

Yes, At Tatweer we will help you with employee training, HR training to implement the employee handbook regulations and policies along with periodically evaluations on the implementation.