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Tatweer Performance Management System Components

Tatweer designs Performance Management systems that are customised and tailored to your industry, market, company size and management philosophy through a set of process to achieve an integrated performance management system that includes:

Department outlines

The department outline will identify the key results areas for each department and annual goals along with the reporting mechanism supporting the department objectives.

Key result areas

The KRA will be focusing on identifying the key result areas in your organizations and business objectives set to achieve the business growth.

Job descriptions

Clear descriptions of the tasks required to be performed for each job along with the accountabilities, tools, contacts, and guidelines.

Key performance indicators

The KPI will include the metrics and measuring units including leading and result indicators.

Performance appraisals

The result approach appraisal focus on metrics that can be measured by measurable units such as numbers, percentages, quantity while the behaviour approach appraisals focus on the attitude that each job requires to be displayed to achieve the results.

Performance management policy and procedures

The policies and procedures will be supporting the implementation of the system and the consequences of excellent and poor performance


Yes, Tatweer performance management system is supported by a list of policies and procedures that are compliant with UAE labour law.

The performance management is beneficial to organizations and employees no matter the size of the organization, starting from more than two employees, PMS would make a difference to your business.

The process timeline to design organization performance management system ranges from 6 to 15 weeks depending on the size of the organization and numbers of jobs.

Yes, our solution includes implementation of the performance management for the first round of appraisal along with knowledge transfer to managers and supervisors.

Yes, Tatweer employee performance boosting solution supports organization to enhance poor performance through wide range of services.